Now Available: Evolution, A Defense Against!

Available at Lulu for only $10. Here’s the description:

73% of Americans believe that some sort of God had a hand in creating the universe. Evolution is not science. It is a religious system for atheists. What is taught in public schools on TV, and in national parks is not science. It is theology with shoddily constructed scientific trappings and language. This book is a defense against that atheistic theology. Anyone who has ever fielded questions from children about the origin of the universe will benefit from this book.

The goal is to provide a readable walk-through of the major arguments in favor of evolution, and provide a response to those arguments. This book is a look at the theories, philosophies, and theology behind evolution. Evolution is not a scientific theory as much as an ongoing assault against the belief in humanity as exceptional in the created order. Hatred of humanity lies just beneath the surface of evolution. This book looks beneath that surface, and asks the simple question, “Is Evolution True?”.


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