Footwashers Release Information

CoverFootwashers: Following the Jesus Way is now available. Here’s the cover blurb:

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Now that I’m a Christian, what do I do?” you are not alone. Many wonder what happens after having received the promise of eternal life. Footwashers answers the question with the words of Jesus himself, creating a structure for life in the kingdom of God, centered on the presence of God in the heart, and moving outward with love toward our neighbor. Originally the textbook for “The Ethics of Jesus” at Concordia University in River Forest, IL, Footwashers has now been made available for anyone who would like to know how the Christian faith and the Christian life relate to each other.

It is immediately available for Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers.  Here are specific details for various downloads:

Kindle: You can head over to Amazon  ($0.99) and get it auto-delivered to your Kindle, or get it free from Smashwords in mobi format. Instructions for side-loading a book to a kindle are here.

Nook: Available free from Barnes and Noble.

iTunes: Also available for free.

Smashwords: I mentioned it above for Kindle, but Smashwords also has it available in epub or lrf format. If you don’t know what that means, then that’s not your format. At Smashwords you can also read it online for free.

BOOKS! If you prefer your books to have paper, you can get Footwashers from Amazon ($7.25), or Lulu. The latter has both paperback ($5.21) and hardcover ($13.65) editions.

Finally, if you just want to download it in PDF, either to read or print it yourself, then here it is: Footwashers_Following_The_Jesus_Way. Enjoy.

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